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Hello!  I’m Rachelle, and I’ve been reviewing books since about mid-2014. I started receiving review copies through LibraryThing. More recently I have begun reviewing books through Book Review 22, and just last month I rediscovered Net Galley (which I apparently joined back in 2014 but promptly forgot about).  Whether I’ve received an advanced review copy or picked the book up at my local library, I will review what I’ve read honestly.  Even if I don’t particularly enjoy a book, I will try to find something positive to say.  One thing that I’ve come to appreciate as a reviewer is the ability to read and critique a book that may not necessarily be my cup of tea, but that was still well-written and worthy of being raved about.

In addition to sharing my reviews, I would love to add author interviews to this blog and maybe even some giveaways. I’m not really sure how to go about getting started with either of those things, though, so if you’ve got advice, please let me know!

If you are an author and would like me to review something you’ve written, feel free to drop me a line at ms.rachelle@gmail.com.  If you’re a fellow blogger, please introduce yourself in the comments and let me know about your site so that I can go check it out.

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