Guarding the Lake by Dana Burkey

Guarding the Lake is a quick, fun read that I adored. Natalie is elated to learn that the boy she has been crushing on likes her back. Or does he? Natalie displayed a great deal of integrity, and I was relieved with the way things ended (since this is such a short book, it’s hard not to give anything away!). I found the book to read quite realistically, which is sometimes a challenge with YA books (I love YA, but it seems like a lot of times the characters have the maturity of a 20 year old, not a 16 or 17 year old). I look forward to checking out more of Dana Burkey’s work.

My only critique is that the chapters ended abruptly, which made transitioning between scenes feel a bit choppy.

I received a free copy of this book in exchange for my honest review. The copy I reviewed was in audio book format, and the narrator, Amy Hilburn, does an excellent job.


Snowed by Maria Alexander

31559083I’ll admit, I chose this book based on the cover. Well, I received a free review copy from LibraryThing, but my request was because of the cover art. It is eerie and wonderful.

I am not a huge fantasy fan, but I could not put this book down. Charity, the main character, was someone I could relate to, even though I am not a STEM person or a skeptical. I was bullied for being different back in high school.  I am unfamiliar with Krampus, having only just learned about him last year thanks to American Dad, and I thought the way Maria Alexander retold his story, and Santa’s, was quite interesting. The ending was a disappointment. I’m all for cliff-hangers, but I think I would have preferred the author to stop at the end of the final chapter and not added an epilogue. There is a LOT of cussing, so if you’re put off by swearing, this might be hard to read. I’m not typically a fan of swearing, but it does make the characters more believable.