A Simple Song by Melody Carlson

I’m typically not a fan of Amish fiction.  I’m not sure if it’s because this book was written by Melody Carlson, because it’s YA instead of regular fiction, or because it’s just a well-written story (probably a combo of all three!), but Melody Carlson managed to capture my attention from the first chapter and hold it all the way through the last page.
Katrina Yoder is a teenage trying to live a life pleasing to her conservative Amish parents.  She enjoys singing, and even though some of the members of her Ordnung approve of singing, her parents do not.  However, after her father’s health takes a turn for the worse, Katrina’s best friend Bekka encourages her to audition for an American Idol-type competition.
I love that this book seems “real” in the sense that Bekka secretly watches television and isn’t the stereotypical “Amish goodie goodie”(but remains a sweet character, nonetheless).  I enjoyed seeing Katrina’s reactions to using an elevator and staying in a hotel for the first time.  And I loved the integrity she kept while she struggled to fit in with the English while maintaining her Amish heritage.


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