Book Review: Slave Again by Alana Terry

slaveagain***Trigger warning***

Book opens with a graphic murder scene.

This book sucked me in from cover to cover and is simply amazing! I was hesitant in the beginning, as several different characters are introduced in the first three or so chapters. While at times things did get confusing, overall Alana Terry does a fine job weaving the lives and subplots together.

The main two story lines consist of Sun and Mee-Kyong, two girls who are sold into sex trafficking, and Juliette and Roger Sterns, a married couple living in China near the North Korean border. The Sterns run an underground seminary program with students who were refugees. The next book in this series features two of the seminary students mentioned briefly in this book.

Like I said above, the writing flowed well, and Terry writes in a way that brings things to life. Sadly, this includes matter-of-factly speaking about sex trafficking. The ending brings vindication, though I was left with a huge question. To ask it here would cause a major spoiler, and I can only hope that Terry will answer my unspoken question with Book Two in the Whispers of Refuge series.

I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.


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