Deep Connections by Rebecca Graf

graf*Trigger warning: Attempted rape scene*

Looking for an engaging romantic thriller that will have you up all night because you just HAVE to know what happens next? Deep Connections, the first in a new series by Rebecca Graf, is just what you need. Graf does an excellent job of mixing mystery, romance, and the paranormal to Brenna’s story.
Brenna is a high school teacher and the target of a stalker. As if dealing with that is not enough, Brenna finds herself in the middle of a love triangle between the man who she sees only as a friend and the man she is afraid to let into her heart. Brenna struggles to fight the deep connection she shares with Slayton, a Native man and the son of Brenna’s best friend.
Rebecca Graf does an excellent job of painting pictures with words and she does so with class. As this book does feature a heavy romantic angle, it would have been easy to write stereotypical “falling in love” scenes, but Graf is gifted in her ability to write intimately and allows the reader more freedom to use his or her imagination.
The ending was a bit confusing, but since this is the first of 3 books, I believe there are in total, I am confident that some of the details will be better explained in book 2, Dark Connections.


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